Mid Cork Foods

Mid Cork Foods is Munster's Leading
Specialist in the Promotion and Distribution
of a full range of quality Irish cheese / butter.
We operate a complete quality management
system with total traceability of our

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Salad Mayonnaise 10kg/2.18kg
Real Mayonnaise 10ltr/2.09kg
Garlic Mayonnaise 10ltr/2.15kg
Extra Thick Mayonnaise 10ltr
Tikka Mayonnaise 2×2.25kg
Sweet Dill Mayonnaise 2×2.25kg
Taco Sauce 2×2.25kg

Table Sauces
Tomato Ketchup 12kg/5.5kg/2.55kg
Tomato & Chilli Sauce 2.38kg
Brown Sauce 2.50kg
American Mustard 2.52kg
Sweet Tomato Relish 2.65kg

Asian & Indian Cooking Sauces
Sweet & Sour Sauce 2.40kg
Black Bean Sauce 2.35kg
Sweet Chilli Sauce 2.65kg
Medium Curry Sauce 12x500g
Tikka Masala Sauce 2.30kg

American & Italian Cooking Sauces
Barbeque Sauce 2.55kg
Cajun Sauce 2.65kg
Chilli Sauce 2.33kg
Salsa Sauce 2.29kg
Pasta Sauce 2.33kg
Pepper Sauce 2.30kg

Carvery Sauces
English Mustard 2.45kg
Horseradish Sauce 2.34kg
Mint Sauce 2.25kg
Cranberry Sauce 2.52kg
Tartare Sauce 2.2kg

Real Mayonnaise 14.2g
Tomato Ketchup 17.8g
Mail Vinegar 10.5g
English Mustard 10g
Brown Sauce 17.7g
Tartare Sauce 14.2g