Mid Cork Foods

Mid Cork Foods is Munster's Leading
Specialist in the Promotion and Distribution
of a full range of quality Irish cheese / butter.
We operate a complete quality management
system with total traceability of our

Tel: 023-8847309

Cheese & Butter


39001 Bandon Vale Shredded Mozzarella 5x2kg
39009 Bandon Vale Mozz/Cheddar (80/20) 5x2kg
39003 Bandon Vale Grated Red Cheddar 5x2kg
39005 Bandon Vale Grated White Cheddar 5x2kg
31027 Bandon Vale Grated Blend 5x2kg
39111 Small Diced Mozzarella YR 5x2kg
39112 Long Diced Mozzarella YR 5x2kg
39113 Small Diced Mozz/Cheddar (80/20) YR 6x2kg
39000 Long Diced Mozz/Cheddar (70/30) YR 5x2kg
39002 Diced Pizza Topping 5x2kg
39014 Fiorello 100% Mozzarella 6x2kg
39016 Grated Mexican Mix 5x2kg
39004 Grated Red Blend 5x2kg
39015 Burger Slices (84 slices) (Best Seller) 8x1kg
31026 Kerrymaid Burger Slices (112 slices) 8×1.4kg

31022 Dubliner Catering Block 8×2.5kg
31023 Carbery Red Cheddar Block 2.5-20kg
31024 Carbery White Cheddar Block 2.5-20kg
39007 Red Cheddar Block 10x2kg
39008 White Cheddar Block 10x2kg
39018 Mozzarella Blocks (100%) 4×2.3kg
39019 Monterey Jack Cheddar Blocks per kg

31025 Dubliner Slices 10x1kg
39010 Red Cheddar Slices 8x1kg
39011 White Cheddat Slices 8x1kg
39012 Mozzarella Slices 8x1kg
39013 Emmental Slices 8x1kg

31028 Low Low 10g Butter portions per box
31029 Kerrymaid 7g Butter portions per box
G8561 Golden Harvest Spread 6x2kg
G3309 Kerrymaid Original Spread 6x2kg