Mid Cork Foods

Mid Cork Foods is Munster's Leading
Specialist in the Promotion and Distribution
of a full range of quality Irish cheese / butter.
We operate a complete quality management
system with total traceability of our

Tel: 023-8847309

Farmhouse Cheeses


BDC01 Buche De Chevre El Pastor 1kg
BR14 Brie French 1kg
BR15 Brie French 3kg
BE10 Bandon Vale Vintage White (Variable) 3.70kg
BE12 Bandon Vale Vintage Red (Variable) 3.70kg
C040 St. Tola Goat’s Log 1kg
ST20 St. Tola Soft Goat’s Cheese Tub 1kg
39017 Baked Honey & Thyme Goat’s Cheese 10x500g
GU02 Gubbeen Plain
GU04 Gubbeen Smoked