Mid Cork Foods

Mid Cork Foods is Munster's Leading
Specialist in the Promotion and Distribution
of a full range of quality Irish cheese / butter.
We operate a complete quality management
system with total traceability of our

Tel: 023-8847309

Burger Selections


39022 The Ultimate Beef burger 2oz 240x2oz
39023 The Ultimate Beef Burger 4oz 120x4oz
39024 The Steak Burger 2oz 84x2oz
39026 The Steak Burger 4oz 40x4oz
39027 The Steak Burger 2oz(HALAL) 84x2oz
39028 The Steak Burger 4oz(HALAL) 40x4oz
39029 The Ulitimate Big Bite 6oz 30x6oz