Mid Cork Foods

Mid Cork Foods is Munster's Leading
Specialist in the Promotion and Distribution
of a full range of quality Irish cheese / butter.
We operate a complete quality management
system with total traceability of our

Tel: 023-8847309

MCF Meat Products


S45 Fresh Jumbo Sausages 16’s, 8’s, 6’s, 4’s 10lb
CS45 Cocktail Sausages 10lb
WP45 White Pudding Sticks 1kg
BP45 Black Pudding Sticks 1kg
SP45 Sliced Pudding 2kg
C70081 Catering Back Bacon Uncooked 4×2.27kg

E5002 Roasted Chicken Fillet Strips (Tray) 4×2.5kg
E5004 Diced Chicken Fillets 15mm VP 4×2.5kg
39020 Southern Fried Chicken Fillets 20x190g

GF37 Pulled Pork 1kg
GF36 Cooked Ham Block 1kg
GF35 Glenaine Fresh Diced Ham 1kg
39053 Julienne Diced Ham (Frozen) 1kg
B3527 Cooked Smoked Streaky Bacon 500g

731730 Chorizo Log Pamplona 1.73kg
39054 Fresh Pepperoni 1kg
39021 Frozen Pepperoni 1kg
39059 Pepper Salami Slices 500g
K008M Sliced Krainer 2.27kg